Why Eggzy?

Eggzy is a movement to make our food system personal again.

Our Mission

Eggzy's mission is to advance local economies, food safety and food security through personal agriculture.

What if everyone were to contribute some small portion of their own food supply? We'd all benefit. It would reduce the demands on our current food system, which would in turn:

  • Restore a Sense of Place to Our Food System

    We take pride in the places we call "Home"—the sights, sounds and seasons. By eating more of what's grown locally, we also begin to restore our sense of community, while reducing carbon emissions and other expenses related to transportation and storage.

  • Build Safety with Numbers

    By restoring personal food networks, we can diffuse the burden of food production and distribution, while increasing the safety, quality and diversity of our food choices. By shortening our food supply chains we can increase traceability and begin to "know our food" again.

  • Supplement Your Family's Diet

    "Food security" refers to the availability of food and one's access to it. A household is considered food-secure when its occupants do not live in hunger or fear of starvation. Growing some portion of our own food boosts food security by making it more available and accessible.

Starting Your Flock

To get started with your flock, you need to join Eggzy. Currently, we are still in development (beta), so flock accounts are by request only, but we're friendly folk so, once you've joined, simply request the flock management tools by clicking on the "Request Tools" link in your "Welcome" message.

We don't ask for a lot of personal info, just for a valid email address and your zip code. We need the zip code in order to post your flock to the community map and to find local resources for you. To make things easy, you can also sign in using your Facebook, Google or Yahoo account if you prefer.

What, No Chickens?!

So you don't have a flock of backyard chickens but you love farm fresh eggs? No problem! Eggzy's all about eggs—just check out the Egg Stands. When you find a flock you like, simply click into its flock page. From there just join Eggzy and sign up for the flock's distribution list. From then on, you'll be notified as soon as fresh eggs are available.

Thinking of getting a flock of your own? To find the perfect breed for your situation, check out our breed pages. Or, check out the FAQ and Resources pages for tips and an ever growing list of clubs, newsgroups and related information.