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Getting Started

Help For Egg Subscribers

Help For Flock Owners

Joining Eggzy

To join Eggzy and start building your personal food network, simply sign up. We don't ask for a lot of info, just a user name, email address and ZIP code, so we can find local goodies for you. You can also sign in using your Google, Yahoo or Facebook accounts.

Choosing Your Profile Image

By default, Eggzy uses your Gravatar for your profile image. If you don't have a Gravatar, you may set one up here. If you joined Eggzy using your Yahoo! account, Eggzy will automatically use your Yahoo! profile image as your Egg Stand profile image.

Click the profile image to set or change it

Setting Your Zip Code

Usually you enter your Zip Code when joining Eggzy. However, if you join using your Facebook, Yahoo or Google account, you'll need to do this manually. To set or change your Zip Code, click on the 'User Settings' menu and input your 5-digit Zip Code into the 'Zip Code' field and click the 'Update' button.

Enter your 5 digit zip code here

Favoriting an Egg Stand

When you find an egg stand or flock that you like on Eggzy, you can save it or 'bookmark' it by adding it to your Favorites.

To add an egg stand to your Favorites, you must be signed in with your Eggzy account. Next, look for the icon of the badge and put your mouse over it, you will see a message next to the cursor that says, "Add this Egg Stand to your Favorites". You can find the Favorites icon in a couple of places on the site; on each egg stands listing/search pages and on each egg stand.

Click the "Favorite an Egg Stand" link

Click the "Subscribe to a friend's Egg Stand" link

To view your Favorites list, you need to be logged in. Go to your hub pages which is accessible by clicking on your username in the top right corner and look under 'Activity' -> 'Favorite'.

Click the "Subscribe to a friend's Egg Stand" link

To remove an egg stand listing from your Favorites, simply click the badge icon once again and it will turn back to the grey, unselected icon. Doing this in your hub will remove the change the status across the site.


Subscribing to an Egg Stand

After joining Eggzy, you can subscribe to an Egg Stand by clicking on the link within the "Eggs" section of the Egg Stand. Once your subscription has been accepted, you'll be able to see the Egg Stand's Pickup/Delivery information and receive egg availability notices from the Egg Stand's Flock Owner.

Click the "Subscribe to a friend's Egg Stand" link

Requesting Flock Tools

After you join Eggzy, you will receive a "Welcome" message in your message box. The "Welcome" message will contain two links, one to the Egg Stands, the other to request Flock Tools. Clicking on "Request Flock Tools" notifies us and we'll enable your flock tools asap upon receipt of your request.

Click the "Flock owners request your flock tools

Setting Up Your Flock

Once your flock tools have been enabled, you can access your flock tools sub menu by selecting "Manage Flock" from the hub main menu. You'll then be on the "Stats" page, which won't have any data yet. From there, simply follow these four easy steps to set up your flock and enable your public Egg Stand:

  1. Select the "Manage Flock", then "Chickens" and input a hen or two
    Select the 'Chickens' menu and input some hens
  2. Select the "Eggs" menu and input the eggs you collected today
    Select the 'Eggs' menu and input today's eggs
  3. Select the "Expenses" menu and enter your average monthly expenses
    Select the 'Expenses' menu and input your average monthly expenses
  4. Select the "Flock Settings" tab and check "Make Flock Public" to make your flock public and turn on your Egg Stand
    Make your Flock public to turn on your Egg Stand

Setting Up Your Egg Stand

Editing Your Flock Name

To set your flock's name, click on 'Manage Flocks' then 'Flock Settings', type in your new flock name into the 'Flock Name' field, and update your settings.

After updating, your Egg Stand listing and page will now use your new flock name. If you leave the 'Flock Name' name field blank, your Egg Stand will default to using the user name you used to join Eggzy.

Edit your Flock's name

Making Your Egg Stand Public

If you want friends and family to be able to see your Egg Stand, you need to make your Egg Stand public. To make your Egg Stand public, simply check the "Make Flock Public" checkbox on your Flock Settings page.

Make your Flock public to turn on your Egg Stand

Accepting Subscriptions to Your Egg Stand

To allow friends and family to subscribe to your distribution list and to see your Pickup/Delivery Information, check the "Accept New Subscriptions" checkbox on your Flock Settings page. You can turn this off at any time to stop accepting new subscriptions by unchecking the checkbox.

Accept new subscriptions to your Egg Stand

Editing Your Flock Description

When visitors come to your Egg Stand, they'll want to know more about your flock— when you started, what kinds of chickens you keep, why you keep them, etc. This is also a great place to state when you will post egg availability messages (e.g. every Monday) and when and where your subscribers should pick up their eggs. Visit the Egg Stands for more examples.

edit your Flock Description

Editing Your Pickup/Delivery Information

When friends or family subscribe to your Egg Stand, they'll need to know when, where & how to pickup available eggs. Use the 'Pickup/Delivery Information' field to share this information. This field will be visible on your Egg Stand only to users who are logged in and are subscribers to your Egg Stand.

You should include the time and location where subscribers may pick up available eggs, and an email address, phone number, or website where they can contact you for more information.

edit your Egg Pickup/Delivery Info

Adding Photos to Your Egg Stand

Eggzy currently supports Flickr sets for displaying photos of your flock. Please refer to the Flickr documentation for creating sets and collections in Flickr. Once you have created a photo set for your Egg Stand, go to your Flickr photostream page (e.g. and click on the link to your new set.

Copy and paste the id number of your set from the url in your browser's navigation toolbar and paste it into the Flickr Set ID field in your flock settings. For example, if the Flickr set url is, the id number is the 72157624705856638 part.

input your Flickr set id

Confirming Subscription Requests

When a friend or family member subscribes to your distribution list, you will receive a request message in your message box. To confirm their subscription request, click the "accept" link in the subscription request message.

Confirming new subscriber requests

Sending Egg Availability Notices

Although your subscribers can keep track of your egg inventory by watching your public Egg Stand, you can also send them messages that you have eggs available. They'll be sent an email with a link to your Egg Stand. To send an egg availability message, navigate to the "Eggs" menu under "Manage Flocks" and click on the "Manage Inventory" sub-menu. Click on the "Send Egg Availability Notice" link at the bottom left of the page.

sending notices to your subscribers when eggs are avaialble

Archiving Inventory Records

After you have delivered eggs to your customers, you can archive the inventory records of those eggs a dozen at a time by selecting the "select dozen" check box and then clicking the "Archive" button. Individual egg records may also be selected one at a time if preferred.

archiving inventory records after eggs have been sold or given away