Egg Stands

Egg Stands are where you can find fresh eggs from backyard flock owners. Enter your zip code below to sort all Egg Stands by distance, starting with those nearest to you. You can also click on the table headings to sort by Egg Stand name, # of Eggs Available or by Zip Code.

Egg StandUpdated# of EggsLocationFavorite
Mar-11-20162 dozen20180
Mar-03-201614 dozen18951
Feb-23-201617 dozen60083
Feb-15-20160 dozen73016
Nov-27-201516 dozen28748
Oct-28-20155 dozen40046
Aug-24-20150 dozen43164
Aug-10-20151 dozen47345
Jul-16-20150 dozen63011
Jul-10-20156 dozen15825
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