Eggzy for Flock Owners

Got a backyard flock? Eggzy puts you in control. We're building easy-to-use-tools to simplify flock management and record keeping. With just a few clicks of the mouse you can:

  • Create your online Egg Stand
  • Automatically calculate lay rates and cost-per-dozen
  • Chart monthy production and average lay rates by breed
  • Download a spreadsheet of your flock's full laying history
  • Drive new visitors to your existing blog or website

You control how things work - whether you share, barter or sell your eggs, Eggzy gives you the information you need.

To get started with your flock and Egg Stand, join Eggzy, request your flock tools, and follow the basic setup instructions. For more details on setting up your flock and Egg Stand, check out our help for flock owners.