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We have 34 Red Star Hens. They are Pampered Poultry that feast on lots of High Quality Grass and Run Free in a secure pasture. They Nest and Rest in a Finished Hen House with Electricity, and a Geothermal Climate System that keeps temps in the Hen House between 50-80F year round. They Lay 2 Dozen Gourmet Eggs Every Day with Rich Golden Yokes and Thick Creamy Whites that are Probably the Best you have Ever Tasted! (We use no medical treatments, antibiotics or artificial lighting to increase production. Healthy, Happy Birds make Great Eggs!) There is a Web-Cam to make sure they are Happy & Comfortable; Check it out: Username & Password: guest. Click on Operator to move the camera around. Like us on Facebook:!/GreenAcresGrassFedEggs


We have 31 hens

Our top producing breeds are:

Our flock is averaging 0 epw


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