Egg Stands

Egg Stands are where you can find fresh eggs from backyard flock owners. Enter your zip code below to sort all Egg Stands by distance, starting with those nearest to you. You can also click on the table headings to sort by Egg Stand name, # of Eggs Available or by Zip Code.

Egg StandUpdated# of EggsLocationFavorite
Apr-29-20179 dozen33801
Apr-26-201725 dozen32504
Mar-12-201726 dozen33569
Mar-09-20172 dozen83616
Feb-15-20177 dozen78070
Sep-30-20164 dozen45628
May-31-20162 dozen93551
Apr-22-201610 dozen01364
Apr-21-20161 dozen44203
Mar-11-20162 dozen20180
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