What's Eggzy?

easter eggsHi, I'm Mark (not the pink Crocs, the Panama, below) and I'm a fairly recent convert to backyard chicken keeping, having started our flock in 2008. All told, it's been a great experience, and we've been pretty successful at integrating them into our lives. To us they're sort of pets with benefits — the benefits being eggs, fertilizer and funny stories.

To a man with a hammer, everything's a nail and so, being a web developer by trade, I built a small web app to keep track of our flock's egg production. That early version was also plugged into Twitter; since our hens produce more eggs than we can convert to frittatas every week, we share the extras with friends. Unfortunately, having the digital persona of one of our roosters crow tweet every time a hen laid an egg didn't have the desired effect. There had to be a better way, and thus Eggzy was born.

With Eggzy, you'll be able to manage your flock, share pictures, eggs and stats with your friends and family, or, if you're a foodie, find local eggs — the freshest most delicious local eggs. So sign up or check out Why Eggzy? for more info.

Egg Squire

-- Mark D. Thompson

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