Eggzy is a movement to make our food system personal again.

egg shell with tally marks

Manage your flock

Eggzy has easy to use tools to help you manage your flock and egg production.

faces painted on eggs in a carton

Invite friends & share your eggs

Use Eggzy to notify your friends & family when you've got extras.

coho seeeeds4me 5months
derpchair again 5months
derp whaaaa 5months
derpchair 5months
derpface 5months
gullin foraging 6months
Gullincambe Grassy Beak
gullin so fine 6months
gullin mighty 6months
gullin yard 6months
gullin supashiny 5months
gullin bling week19
New flock, nice variety
Harvest time
Two dozen
Double Yolk

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Eggzy makes it easy:

  • Manage your egg production
  • Record your expenses
  • Calculate & project costs
  • Promote your flock
  • Feed your friends & neighbors