Eggzy is a movement to make our food system personal again.

egg shell with tally marks

Manage your flock

Eggzy has easy to use tools to help you manage your flock and egg production.

faces painted on eggs in a carton

Invite friends & share your eggs

Use Eggzy to notify your friends & family when you've got extras.

coho in the bush 6months
chickadee alert 6months
moa face week19
lorp beautiful week19
lorp week19
dee autumnleaves 5months
moa 5months
chickadeeeee 5months
chickadee face week19
coho face week19
lady coho week19
derp fluffawha 5months
derp headon 5months
derp face week19
derp chair yetagain 5months
pretty derp 5months
coho thinks grass 5months

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Eggzy makes it easy:

  • Manage your egg production
  • Record your expenses
  • Calculate & project costs
  • Promote your flock
  • Feed your friends & neighbors