Eggzy is a movement to make our food system personal again.

egg shell with tally marks

Manage your flock

Eggzy has easy to use tools to help you manage your flock and egg production.

faces painted on eggs in a carton

Invite friends & share your eggs

Use Eggzy to notify your friends & family when you've got extras.

Some Very Good Timing
Wonky Beak
Wonky Beak
Muggins the Cock
Blondie the Hen with Bread
eggs summer 2011 Green Rascal Design
Green Rascal Design easter eggs
Dawson Farm fresh!
Ninja tries to tolerate Golden
The girls free-ranging
chicken love affair
double yolk egg next to a regular sized egg
the palace
Is the roost level?
Rooster man, gone but not forgotten
Struttin Hen
the Flock

Find local
Egg Stands
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US and Canada!

Eggzy makes it easy:

  • Manage your egg production
  • Record your expenses
  • Calculate & project costs
  • Promote your flock
  • Feed your friends & neighbors